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How much happier would we be if we spent more time moving with the force of life. Dancing, singing, making love, feeling sexy, walking in the woods, swimming at the beach, looking at flowers, watching animals, telling stories and gazing at the moon, rather than always pushing ourselves along a path that we think is leading us to where we want to go?

We owe it to ourselves to acknowledge that our mind is much smaller than the feminine life force within us. As it is the divine feminine that gives life to the mind in the first place. What if we were to let go of the expectations we have for ourselves, and became simply, free-to-be. To have a human experience. To feel content with just living and loving.


Come and join me on a self love, nature immersion, yoga and movement retreat in the coastal Jungles of the Dominican Republic: 

October - SOLD OUT

November 10th - 15th, 2018

Awaken you spirit of adventure. Deepen your connection to nature, and yourself …



The Retreat...

After months spent travelling around in the search for the perfect retreat sanctuary - we’ve found it. Come join us at the beautiful tree house village situated in the plush coastal jungles of the Dominican Republic. An eco-friendly venue that is like something out of a dream. The tree house cabins spread across the beautiful valley in the heart of the tropical Caribbean jungle. The cabins are connected by rope bridges and jungle paths that are all designed to enhance an intimate connection with nature. Green spreads everywhere. You will be Surrounded by spectacular beaches and lush mountainous landscapes. The treehouse village is a hidden gem, located in the one of the most pristine and un-touched areas in the world. The whole property is full of wildlife, the dragon flies there look like creatures out of Avatar, oh and there's two waterfalls in the backyard. Take our word for it - it’s a ridiculously pretty place which is completely off the beaten track.

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Here we will be connecting with ourselves and nature through a number of practices including:

Daily yoga and meditation

Flower mandala and offerings

Manifestation workshops

Sound healing

Iridology session

One on one Emotional healing and tapping session

Tarot and astrology readings

Massage / body work

Dance and movement workshop

Fresh organic produce and healthy meals




Private waterfalls and waterholes to swim in

Daily adventures in the surrounding jungle and beaches.

To keep the retreat as intimate as possible, spots are extremely limited. Please apply by filling out the questionnaire below...

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"I have been on retreats before, but this was something else... 'Magic' is the word that first comes to mind and after getting to know Sally I think it's pretty apt! Sally brought together the most beautiful energies (herself, Yin Yoga teacher Sarah and EFT & Manifestation Guru Teddy) to create five full yet flexible days of energizing and regenerative, soul-nourishing activities. I couldn't have imagined a better setting than the lush and tranquil eco resort she had chosen in the Balinese mountains. A private waterfall just a short walk away for swims after morning yoga... bliss. All food was picked fresh from the gardens and prepared and served by the most beautiful staff. Sally clearly has a gift for bringing together the perfect elements to create intimate and empowering retreats - I would recommend them to anyone that feels the call." Jodi Plumbley @jodiplumbleyphotography 12.03.18

"When I first decided to go on the retreat with Sally, it was very spur-of-the-moment. I needed a getaway and it thought what better way to get away than with a yoga teacher whom i’ve admired for a while. I expected this to be an amazing trip and experience of traveling, but what i got was so much more. The energy Sal and the other teachers gave off was vibrant and inspiring. These people have chosen a way of life that I see as the truest way of living. I felt could see right inside each of them when they spoke and could tell there is no hiding in any of them. Unapologetically themselves! I was also able to get a tattoo from Peri, the amazing hand-poke tattoo artist. Her ritual took me to another place where I felt I was truly finding my path. She took into consideration all the things of importance to me and now I have an incredible physical representation of it on me forever. This trip has completely taken my shell away and I am more myself than I have ever been. I’ll never be the same again, and I have Sally and her amazing friends to thank for that." Hannah Griego @hannahgriego 08.04.2018